Why Palestine Advocacy Project Matters

Advocacy that puts the Palestinian struggle in front of average Americans is a critical component of the movement to end the occupation of Palestine. It helps to challenge the Israel-centric politics that many Americans take for granted and, in doing so, creates opportunities for the hundreds of grassroots organizations that have exploded across the country to expand even further. 

Palestine Advocacy Project is the only organization devoted to running ongoing advertising campaigns in major American cities. Here is a look at what we accomplished in 2015:

Now we are working tirelessly to prepare for 2016.

Palestine Advocacy Project is integrating our public advertising with new digital media to create broader and deeper public education about Palestine. Political ads, which directly inform the public, and new cultural ads, which challenge Americans’ existing notions of Palestinians, will drive viewers to engaging animated videos we are developing for our website. We are also increasing the frequency and density of our campaigns so that they offer the repetition required to impact viewers.