A dull evening in a rundown village
Eyes half asleep
I recall thirty years
And five wars
I swear the future keeps
My ear of corn
And the singer croons
About a fire and some strangers
And the evening is just another evening
And the singer croons

And they asked him:
Why do you sing?
And he answered:
I sing because I sing...

And they searched his chest
But could only find his heart
And they searched his heart
But could only find his people
And they searched his voice
But could only find his grief
And they searched his grief
But could only find his prison
And they searched his prison
But could only see themselves in chains

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Upon inspection, we have come to doubt the accuracy of the resources we used to interpret this poem. We therefore invite you to propose and defend your own interpretations. We will publish the most compelling submissions here.

Click here to read the poem in Arabic (the portion here can be found in section 10).

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