Ads Against Apartheid Becomes Palestine Advocacy Project

Ads Against Apartheid grew much faster in 2014 than we had anticipated, due in large part to the overwhelming generosity of our supporters. We have therefore spent the last several months quietly working to professionalize our structure and overhaul our strategy so that we will be best prepared to take advantage of the opportunities before us in 2015. The changes include a more robust governance structure, implementation of better management and communications tools, a new website, a new name, and a new brand. 

Better Governance

Ads Against Apartheid has amended its Articles of Organization and Bylaws to bring them in line with modern best practices. The updated governance documents affirm our responsibilities as a nonprofit corporation, provide for an expanded Board of Directors, clarify policies for board meetings and votes, set procedures for change of leadership, and define the roles of officers. These changes will ensure Ads Against Apartheid’s stability as it grows.

A More Dynamic Brand

The name, “Ads Against Apartheid,” was a powerful statement. It declared our method and our position, and it helped our effort gain prominence among the movement for Palestinian freedom. As our organization has grown, however, it has begun to demand more from its brand. Our strategy will always utilize public space as a forum for advocacy, but we can offer so much more than advertising. And while we remain firmly and vocally opposed to Apartheid, we feel that it is critical to emphasize that we are for Palestine. 

We are therefore thrilled to announce that Ads Against Apartheid will begin operating under the name, Palestine Advocacy Project. “Palestine” because that country and its people are our focus; “Advocacy” because we aren’t afraid to demand change; and “Project” because we are committed to concrete action and ongoing experimentation.

Our new brand allows us to refine old tactics and to explore new ones. We will continue to present bold, direct statements when necessary (we have something special planned for Netanyahu’s visit to Congress). We have come to understand, however, that people are more likely to listen when we offer them something first: a captivating photograph while they wait for the train, a thoughtful poem when they ride the bus. Offered in context, we may be able to provoke contemplation and concern among those who dismiss our more direct messaging.

A New Website

The centerpiece of our new brand is our completely redesigned website. It features a cleaner design and is easier to navigate, and it will be more deeply integrated into our future campaigns. Please feel free to have a look around. 

As always, Palestine Advocacy Project relies on your support. If you like where we are headed, please make a donation today.