Ads Against Apartheid Arrives in Dallas

UPDATE: Ads Against Apartheid now operates under the name Palestine Advocacy Project

Ads Against Apartheid has just begun its first advertising campaign in Dallas, Texas, adding a third city to its growing national presence. The advertisement highlights Israel’s ongoing theft of Palestinan land.

“Israel announced that it would acquire almost 1000 acres of Palestinian land earlier this Fall, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it very clear he intends to support further settlement building,” said Ads Against Apartheid co-founder Richard Colbath-Hess, “How can we still believe Israel wants a just peace when it’s evicting Palestinians from their homes even faster than it has before?”

Ads Against Apartheid first ventured outside of Boston with a campaign in Chicago this past September. This advertisement in Dallas is part of the organization’s effort to increase it’s national presence. “We are thrilled to be bringing one of our favorite ads to the Lone Star State,” said Colbath-Hess, “We are beginning to set a precedent; advertising companies are increasingly willing to give the Palestinian narrative fair exposure.”

Ads Against Apartheid concluded a massively successful fundraising campaign this October, raising more than $100,000 to run its “One Word” campaign in as many as ten major American cities. The organization is currently seeking local partners in each city to help maximize its impact. Those interested should email for more information.